The buildings at the Wildlife Centre at Tiger Haven are now complete

All the buildings stand up on an embankment at a height above the Neora/Soheli River, which flows alongside so that they are protected from the floods which invariably occur during the monsoons.

The old buildings have been restored as they were when Billy Arjan Singh was in residence with minor improvements in amenities such as running water and flush toilets both for visiting researchers and staff that will live there.

The first building one sees on entering the gate and driving up to the complex is the block housing the security staff who will look after the Wildlife Centre. There are three rooms, two kitchens, and a covered verandah.

Next comes a toilet block, complete with flush toilets and bathing areas.

Next to that is the Office and Education Centre block. We expect to furnish the Education Centre by the end of May 2012.

The block where the visiting Researchers will stay consists of two double bedrooms, with attached bathrooms.

There is a covered verandah with plenty of space to sit and read/work.

The dining-cum-sitting room and the kitchen are next, and in the same block is the Library, which contains all of Billy Arjan Singh’s collection of wildlife books, magazines and many papers written by him and other experts in the field which were in his collection.

After that is the Museum,  where all his photographs – some of the famous iconic views – have been hung, along with some other articles of interest, such as his collection of animal skulls and antlers, the weights he lifted, and of course all his medals, awards, and citations.

The last building in the Complex is the Veterinary Centre, which will be equipped and become operational later when we have adequate funds.

The Tiger Haven Society has achieved this work with donations from Billy Arjan Singh’s family and a few friends.

We have received no grants from any wildlife organizations.

Now that the Centre is ready to be used, we hope that some wildlife organizations will express interest in giving grants to researchers to come and use the facilities as well as support the education and veterinary center.

Building Activities – Latest Photographs


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