To continue the pioneering work started by “Billy Arjan Singh” in the field of wildlife conservation.


By converting the Tiger Haven property into a Wild life Centre to provide a range of facilities related to Wild Life support and development in the Dudhwa National Park and other Wild Life Reserves in U.P.

Strategy & Milestones

To start the project family and friends will donate free of cost all lands and buildings that constitute the Tiger Haven facility to the Tiger Haven Society totalling around 170 acres which is adequate for the immediate future.

Buildings will be restored in such a way that they are protected from the ever present threat of annual floods that plague the grasslands of the park and adjacent areas.

Create a Library and Museum with all the documents, data, pictures and materials accumulated by ‘Billy Arjan Singh’ over the 60+ years association with the region.

Set up an Educational centre to develop local enthusiasm for wild life, work with schools in the region to educate young minds and inculcate a respect for wild life as also to  provide material for research.

Carry out development work related to grazing grass types and trees to develop strains which are resistant to the silting effects of annual flooding.

Set up a Veterinary Hospital and a rehabilitation facility to provide medical support to distressed wild animal off-springs and minors and rehabilitate them back to the wild instead of incarcerating them in a Zoo.

Actively promote conservation and continue protection activism.


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