Continuing the pioneering work

Tiger Haven society was founded in 2002 by Kr. “Billy” Arjan Singh at the age of 84 so that his ground breaking work as India’s most globally famous, respected and successful wild life warrior, activist and author could continue even after his departure from this world.

He died, at the age of 92, on 1st January 2010 – the year of tiger – fighting till the last and leaving behind a legacy that included, among many firsts, the creation of Uttar Pradesh’s only National Park, successful re-introduction of leopards and a tiger into the wild and a reputation of fearlessness that befitted an Honorary Tiger.

His ashes are interred at the site of his home – Tiger Haven– has been converted into a Wild-Life centre.

The Dudhwa National Park was created by his untiring efforts and the support of the then Prime Minister of India Shrimati Indira Gandhi and is today U.P.’s only National Park and an integral part of the India Government ‘Project Tiger’ and WWF’s Terai Arc Project.

In the 60 years he battled to save India’s forests and wildlife he won many International awards including the WWF Gold Medal, Order of the Golden Ark, the Paul Getty Award and National awards including the Padma Bhushan, the Padma Shri, the Yash Bharati and the Sanctuary ABN-AMRO awards.


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