Village Development Project

We have a after 5 year development effort completed our combined model for environmentally positive villages.

The primary elements are as follows:

1] The building of soak pits for each house hold. Most villages have no drainage so stagnant water spread mosquito breeding and malaria and increases wastage through evaporation plus contamination through garbage and consequent leaching. Soak pits eliminate stagnant water and recycle daily water run off back into the water table.

2] The establishment of a low cost ‘gobar gas” aka  “cow-dung digester” units which reduces methane release into the atmosphere and gives the farmer high quality manure within 60 days throughout the year. The methane is used for cooking and or heating water depending on the number of animals and consequent generation. The speciality of our digester is it is easily made from locally available materials very low cost and is designed for 1 cow. It can be scaled up depending on the number of cows owned by each household there by keeping the solution affordable. This also reduces wood and cow-dung cake burning cutting down carbon emissions and smoke pollution.

3] The most important part of our program is to wean the small farmers away from their current copy-cat heavily chemical dependent agriculture practiced by big farmers.

4] For villages on the border of any wildlife reserve human animal conflict is a huge problem with no real solutions available as of now.

For 4 years we have worked with WWF [Worldwide fund for nature] and CIMAP [Central institute for medicinal and aromatic plants] to establish the cultivation of vetiver organically without interfering in wild animal free movement.

Having established methodology and developed the agricultural practices we are in the process of putting up an oil extraction unit. We provide vetiver stock slips for planting and the farming techniques to small farmers from villages surrounding the Tiger Reserve.

“Tiger Haven Aromatics” is the entity within the Non-Profit Organisation that will carry this forward.

We will buy the root from the small farmers at a no profit to us and the root price which will depend on our ability to market the extracted oil at favourable prices eliminating middle men. Our marketing model has 3 elements.

1] Direct sale to India based aromatic product producers.

2] Export to global buyers

3] On line sale to aroma therapy users.

In each case the option of using a third party agency is under-consideration and will be preferred. In the event a suitable partner is not found then the society will do direct sales itself.

Some of the first products which will go on line are show below.






Steam distilled Vetiver Hydrosol is a natural anti-ageing water-based spray. It has Cicatrizant properties and reduces age spots, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.It also strengthens the epidermis improving tissue elasticity giving the skin a youthful look. Use it in the morning and at night. Just spray on your face and feel the freshness

Vetiver or Khus as it is called in India is native to the Terai belt of Uttar Pradesh where we cultivate it organically. When used in aroma therapy 4-5 drops are placed in a diffuser and heated to a point where the oil emits a light smoky discharge filling the room with its fragrance. It is soothing and calming and facilitates a good nights’ sleep especially when we are upset. It can be used mixed with suitable oils such as almond and massaged into the soles of the feet and is very relaxing. A few drops on your handkerchief lasts through the day and helps you stay calm in stressful situations. It is the most complex of all essential oil with over 100 separate components mainly sesquiterpenes.